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Get off to a great start in New Zealand!

Visa First organises everything you need to start living and working in New Zealand – before you even leave home!

New Zealand Bank Account
Visa First makes sure you can start working and getting paid as soon as you get to New Zealand. Our partner Traveltowork can start organising your New Zealand bank account before you leave home which means you can transfer money in advance and access it as soon as you arrive. Apply for your NZ bank account today.

New Zealand IRD Number
To work in New Zealand, you will need a New Zealand Tax Number – called an Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number. Without an IRD number you will pay tax at the emergency rate of 48%. The Visa First NZ Taxsaver Pack gives you step-by-step instructions for getting your NZ IRD number fast so you can start earning and pay tax at the normal rate of 29%. Apply for a New Zealand Taxsaver Pack online or call us today on:

Australia: 1 800 829 230
Canada: +1 647 724 3535
Ireland: +353 1 878 3329
UK: +44 207 659 9180

NZ Tax Refunds
When you start working in New Zealand, you will pay about 29% tax on all your earnings. Most working holiday makers overpay tax in New Zealand and are owed a tax refund at the end of the tax year. Filing a tax return in a foreign country is a complicated process but our tax services partner can help make getting your refund simple and stress-free. Our customers get average refunds of $500 from New Zealand. As part of the Visa First Taxsaver Pack we’ll help you get your New Zealand tax back – who knows it could help fund your next big trip!

New Zealand Kickstart Arrival Pack
Make sure you have a smooth landing in New Zealand with the Visa First Kickstart Arrival Pack. The pack includes everything you need to start living and working in New Zealand.
  • Airport shuttle bus transfer to your accommodation.
  • Accommodation and breakfast for two nights at an award-winning Auckland hostel. Choose between a single bed in a 4-bed room, a single bed in a 2-bed (twin) room, or a double room.

Register online for your New Zealand Kickstart Arrival Pack. We’ll email the application form straight to you. Return it to us with your credit card details by fax or post to:

Ireland: Visa First, 14 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, Ireland
UK: Visa First, 3rd Floor, 9 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PD, UK

You will then be signed up as a member and will receive confirmation within 24 hours.

International Driving Licence (IDL)
An International Drivers’ Licence shows that you hold a valid Driver’s Licence in your country of origin and will allow you to drive in New Zealand. The IDL is translated into eight languages and means that police and other authorities in different countries can understand your licence in their own language. You need to get your IDL before you leave for New Zealand. If you are an Irish resident, Visa First can organise your IDL in just 24 hours after we receive your application. To apply you’ll need an application form, a copy of your Irish Driver’s Licence and a passport photo.

The fastest way to apply is by phone: +353 1 878 3329.
Or fill in the online IDL application form here.