Migration Visas are specific type of visas, which are issued to persons, who intend to live and work permanently or for a long period in the issuing country.

Migration visas could be subdivided into different categories such as visas for immediate relatives, special immigrants, family-sponsored, employer-sponsored, regional-sponsored or state-sponsored.

Most of the immigration visas are multiple-entry visas, but some permanent visa holders need to enter the destination country and activate the visa first. Immigration visa holders can settle in the destination country with their families.

Migration visas from VisaFirst:

If you are highly skilled in certain occupations you can move to Australia and seek employment with the Australia Skilled Migrant Visa. With this visa you don't need to organize sponshorship to get to OZ.
You have good English and skills in ocupation in an need in Australia? If you get nomination from a State or sponshorship by an eligible relative living in Australia you can migrate in OZ with the Australia State Sponsored Visa.
With the Australian Business Sponshorship Visa you could migrate in Australia and live and work in the country for up to 4 years under the direct sponsorship of an Australian employer.
The Australian Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) grant foreign nationalities with Australian permanent residency under the direct sponsorship of an Australian employer.
The Regional Sponsored Migrant Scheme (RSMS) entitles Australian employers to seek and fill labour shortages in skilled positions with temporary australiant residents or staff from overseas, nominating them for permanent residency.
If you've got a job offer from Canadian employer you will need Canadian Work Permit, which entitles you to live and work in Canada as temporary resident.
If you are highly skilled and eligible migrant you can get Canadian Federal Skilled Visa, which entitles you to live and work in Canada as permanent resident.
The New Zealand General Work Visa allows you to fill skill shortages and work and live in New Zealand for up to 3 years. You need a job offer from New Zealand employer to apply for the visa.
Skilled workers in specialist occupations could get a New Zealand Skilled Migrating Visa, which allows them to migrate to NZ permanently. You don't need a job offer to apply for this visa.
The New Zealand Work to Residence Visa entitles you to work and live in New Zealand for up to 3 years, while allows you to apply for permanent residency after the the second year.
If you have job offer from Irish employer you will need an Ireland Work Permit. It allows you to live and work in Ireland for up to 2 years.
The US H-1B Visa entitles you to work in the US in a specialty occupation for up to 3 years. You will need a job offer and sponsorship from US employer.
If you want to visit temporary the US for seasonal employment, for one-time occurrence or peak load, you could get the US H-2B visa, which entitles you to work in USA as long as your employer need.
US L-1 Visa (Intra Company Transfer Visa) is required for employers which want to be transfered in the US within the diffirent branches of the same international company.
The US E-3 Visa is a multiply-entry visa which entitles Australian nationals to work in speciality occupations in the US. This type of visa gives the ability for spouses to work too.
Specially for US Treaty nationalities this visa grant you and your family to extendable 2 year stay in USA if you invest in business operating within the US.
If you are a non-EU national and you have been offered a job by a German employer, you will have to apply for a German Residence Permit. Usually this permit is issued for the duration of your job offer with a maximum stay of 5 years.
The Chinese work permit is for foreign nationals who have been invited by a Chinese employer to work in China on temporary basis. The Chinese work permit will generally be issued for the duration of your job offer and lasts for up to 5 years.
The UK Tier-1 Visa (replacement for the old UK High Skilled Migration Programme) allows highly skilled workers to migrate in UK seekeng for employment or self-employment.
You will be allowed to remain in the UK for a maximum period of three years and one month. You can re-apply and be granted a visa for further 3 years. During this time, you will be allowed to work full time for your sponsor.
Germany:0800 000 7272
(free phone)
Australia:1 800 829 230
(free phone)
Austria:01 928 0468
(local phone)
Belgium:01 150 0353
(local phone)
Canada:647 724 3535
(local phone)
Denmark:07014 2225
(local phone)
France:01 72 72 72 10
(local phone)
Holland:02 0890 8144
(local phone)
Ireland:01 878 3329
(local phone)
Italy:02 3600 0535
(local phone)
New Zealand:+64 9 984 1996
(free phone)
Spain:91 187 15 30
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Sweden:011 496 6326
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USA:866 772 9245
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UK:0207 659 9180
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Russia:0499 9183 181
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