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Visa for China – Business visa

To go to China for a business trip, you need a China business visa before your departure. Apply for your Visa for China with VisaFirst now by downloading our China visa application form here.

The business visa for China is delivered for foreign persons invited to go to China for commercial negotiations, research, cultural, scientific exchanges, internship or to participate to exhibitions in China. The can visa can be delivered for 6 months maximum with one, two or multiple entries and 30 days stay for each entry.
  1. Passeport valid at least 6 months after your return and 2 blank pages.
  2. The Chinese Embassy visa application form completed.
  3. The Chinese Embassy visa application form completed.
  4. A hotel booking confirmation or an invitation letter from the person who invites you to stay in China.
  5. Travel insurance certificate for China
  6. Proof of sufficient funds
  7. Return flight tickets
  8. An invitation letter from China, on headed paper, signed and stamped, detailing the purpose of your visit, the address of the company inviting you, the dates of visit and if you require one or multiple entries.
  9. VisaFirst order form
Extra documents required for foreign residents (outside CE):
  • Copy of your Resident Card
Extra documents required for minors:
  • Copy of the family book
  • Passport copy of both parents
Processing times to get your Chinese tourist visa:
The standard delay is 5 working days from the time we receive your full Chinese visa application. The express delay is 24 to 48 hours.

Chinese business visa prices:

Type of visa Processing time Embassy fees Visa First fees Total TTC
Business - 3 months, single entry 5 working days 70€ 35€ 105€
Business – 3 months, single entry 24 to 48h 115€ 70€ 185€
Buisness – 3 months double entries 5 working days 85€ 35€ 120€
Business – 3 months double entries 24 to 48h 130€ 70€ 200€
Business – 6 months multiple entries 5 working days 100€ 35€ 135€
Business – 6 months multiple entries 24 to 48h 145€ 70€ 215€

To book your chinese visa online now, click here or call our Chinese Visa Department on 01 72 72 72 10 to book your visa over the phone.